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Alaska Ham Radio
Web Sites

- AC6V has more Amateur Radio software and web links than I have seen anywhere else
- Arrow Antennas
- Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF
- Digital Interface Info
- Heavens Above Main Page
- Jerry, K5OE: Home Brew Amateur Antennas
- KD4APP's Web Site
- N7SFI Home Page
- NASA’s online J-Track
- The DX Zone ... more Two-Way Radio info then you will ever need!
- PCsat, A Naval Academy Amateur Radio Satellite
- PSK 31 page
- VE7WFG, Bill Greene’s web site

KL7DR working SO-50 while Paul, Dave, and Buff look on.
Sorry Dave, you can’t see it from here!

Gahleos Photo Album

- KL7QZ's 6th LEO Newsletter
- KL7QZ's 2nd LEO Newsletter
- KL7QZ's First LEO Newsletter
- MARA's Field Day 2004
- KL7DR's opinions on repeaters
- Purpose of This Site
- Repeaters coordinated by MARA
- New AMSAT Area Coordinator for Alaska
- Amateur Radio in the 21st Century by Jim Wiley KL7CC
- Here's a neat article from MRT

- Tribute to KK5YY

- SO-50 Jan-Feb 2012
- AO-27 Jan-Feb 2012
- ISS Jan-Feb 2012
- Sat Tracking Programs
- Keplerian Data
- KL7DR's LEO Primer Updated April 2011
- Alaska Grid Squares
- Amateur Repeaters
- Public Service - FRS and MURS Frequencies

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